DEMAR DOUGLAS

 Born in Ypsilanti MI. and raised in Southern California. At a young age Demar had already decided that he was going to be pursue his dreams of being an artist. After attending college he Started Blaqwata Studio. He has done many portraits, illustration projects and he has exhibited at various galleries. For this Painter of Dreams, art represents the essence of his life experience. All of Demar's images appear to him in dreams and he interprets them with the stroke of a brush. During his early career, Demar assumed the name Blaqwata to find his artistic voice. During that time he explored many different styles and themes in his art. It wasn't until some life changing events took place did he find that voice he had been searching for. The metamorphosis took place December 26th 2008. Frederick Douglass once said that without struggle there can be no progress. Demar now Armed with paint, canvas and a new perception of life, intends on taking the viewers on a exploration of imagination. These life-inspiring images continue recurring to him until he transfers the intricate images from his mind to a canvas. He has worked with a number of celebrity clientele and companies creating captivating illustrations across many industries such as children’s books, book magazine and CD covers. Demar paints Stylized Surrealism within an abstract composition. He takes pride in having the ability to find the beautiful struggle though life's opposition. His new venture is creating original intellectual properties. A new company emerges from the Blaqwata, KloudScape Studios which will be creating Childrens book’s, games, animations, and more.



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