The Inclusion

Introducing my latest print, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of Juneteenth and the profound story of a young girl's awakening in Galveston, Texas. Each print is a unique masterpiece, ensuring that your piece of history remains truly one-of-a-kind.

In this breathtaking artwork, the young girl emerges as a symbol of resilience, hope, and the pursuit of freedom. With her curly hair gracefully blowing in the wind at sunrise, she represents the embodiment of newfound liberation. The shackles of slavery, half buried in the sand, serve as a powerful reminder of the past left behind and the progress achieved.

The art comes alive with vibrant colors, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Juneteenth. Adorned in a Kente cloth dress, the young girl's attire is a testament to her ancestral roots and the resilience of her community. The intricate patterns and bold hues speak to the pride, strength, and unity passed down through generations.

While the Juneteenth flag gently waves in the background, symbolizing unity and progress, it serves as a reminder of the transformative power of Juneteenth. This iconic symbol of freedom and equality resonates deeply, underscoring the significance of this historic day.

 Let this captivating masterpiece serve as a powerful reminder of the progress made and the work that still lies ahead.


limited Edtions = 18x24 Canvas  (100 only)

Open Editions = 12x18 Giclee Paper


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